Supersized? Wait, what?

So do you know the story about my body balms?

You guys all pretty much know how I have the YUMMIEST Lip Balms ever, but did you know that my Body Balms are THE SAME?  Don’t be fooled by the name! The Body Balms are the same formulas as my great smelling lip balms, but they are SUPER SIZED.

Honestly Margo Super Size Patty Balms

So why BODY Balm?

We were in Dallas last summer for Market, and our cuticles were getting dry. We were putting my Ruby Lip Balm on our cuticles and then I realized that the formula I had crated was multi purpose. It was then that I decided to come out with a biggie version.  SOOOOOOOOO…to be quite HONEST (no pun intended!) my favorite place to use the Body Balms are on my lips.  MORE YUMMINESS and I just slather it on all over.  Seriously, it’s THE BALM! (wink!)

Super Sized Balms Honestly Margo

Where else can you use the Body Balm?  Your cuticles, knuckles, elbows, anywhere that you get chapped skin.  But seriously, it’s my favorite thing to use on my lips.  It’s just SUPER SIZED!

So the next time you’re shopping and see my Body Balms, don’t be fooled by the name and think it’s only for your body.  Think of it as a SUPER SIZED lip balm.

Want some?

Honestly Margo ready set shop



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