movin’ on up

The school year is just about over and summer time is about to begin. 8th  grade is over and so is middle school. Next year is my first year in high school and everything actually counts. Up to this point, if I didn’t do so well on a test it didn’t matter as much, but everything from now on matters…A LOT! That makes me a little nervous, honestly. I think though if I keep up with my assignments and study hard I will be fine.

On the other hand I’m super duper excited for high school. High school is where memories are made. I am really looking forward to football games, dances, playing sports, and just new memories that are going to be made with all of my friends. These are going to be memories that I’m never going to forget.

So yes, I am scared for high school, but I am more excited for the new experiences I am going to have :) Also for the first time I wont have to wear a uniform…YESSS.


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