Supersized? Wait, what?

So do you know the story about my body balms?

You guys all pretty much know how I have the YUMMIEST Lip Balms ever, but did you know that my Body Balms are THE SAME?  Don’t be fooled by the name! The Body Balms are the same formulas as my great smelling lip balms, but they are SUPER SIZED.

Honestly Margo Super Size Patty Balms

So why BODY Balm?

We were in Dallas last summer for Market, and our cuticles were getting dry. We were putting my Ruby Lip Balm on our cuticles and then I realized that the formula I had crated was multi purpose. It was then that I decided to come out with a biggie version.  SOOOOOOOOO…to be quite HONEST (no pun intended!) my favorite place to use the Body Balms are on my lips.  MORE YUMMINESS and I just slather it on all over.  Seriously, it’s THE BALM! (wink!)

Super Sized Balms Honestly Margo

Where else can you use the Body Balm?  Your cuticles, knuckles, elbows, anywhere that you get chapped skin.  But seriously, it’s my favorite thing to use on my lips.  It’s just SUPER SIZED!

So the next time you’re shopping and see my Body Balms, don’t be fooled by the name and think it’s only for your body.  Think of it as a SUPER SIZED lip balm.

Want some?

Honestly Margo ready set shop



back to school beauty pouch must haves

Hey peeps! It’s almost time for school and I am prepping my locker emergency pouch. It’s important to have a bag or pouch filled with everything that can fix your everyday issues. Here is what is in my emergency pouch:

1. Honestly Margo Lip and Body Balm
When your lips are getting dry, you obviously need some yummy and moisturizing balm! And don’t forget Body Balm for those chapped patches like your knuckles.
2. Hair ties
For when you just need your hair out of your face and it’s bugging you.
3. Hand sanitizer
School has lots of germs so make sure you stay healthy!
4. Deodorant
When it’s hot outside its always good to have backup.
5. Gum/ mints
You want to make sure your breath is fresh and you don’t blow anyone away with bad breath.
6. Concealer and mascara
To touch up any blemishes and to re apply any mascara that has crumbled off during the day.
7. Mini hairbrush
Tangles? No prob. You got your hairbrush.
8. Headphones
I love to listen to music when I do my homework, so headphones are always a good idea.
9. Kleenex
If you have a runny nose this is important so you have soft tissues instead of those hard tissues that they put in classrooms.
Obviously you need a cute pouch to put all of this in. I love this Bando pouch. It’s the perfect size and it’s totes adorbs. I hope this was helpful to you!

movin’ on up

The school year is just about over and summer time is about to begin. 8th  grade is over and so is middle school. Next year is my first year in high school and everything actually counts. Up to this point, if I didn’t do so well on a test it didn’t matter as much, but everything from now on matters…A LOT! That makes me a little nervous, honestly. I think though if I keep up with my assignments and study hard I will be fine.

On the other hand I’m super duper excited for high school. High school is where memories are made. I am really looking forward to football games, dances, playing sports, and just new memories that are going to be made with all of my friends. These are going to be memories that I’m never going to forget.

So yes, I am scared for high school, but I am more excited for the new experiences I am going to have :) Also for the first time I wont have to wear a uniform…YESSS.


Honestly Margo turns two

Two and a half years ago I would have never thought I would be doing what I am doing today. What started off as a little hobby turned out to be a successful and an eye-opening experience. My lip and body balms are in stores all across the country. I have learned so much and I am so grateful for everyone who has taken a chance with me and supported me. Without anyone believing in me I wouldn’t have grown at all so I appreciate all of you who have listened to me, bought from me, followed me, shared me, and bought from the retailers carrying my products. In honor of our birthday week there is free shipping on all orders today through Saturday :) I am super duper excited for the future of Honestly Margo.

2 year collage



Basic much?

This is one of my fave tops not only because I can wear it with anything, but because what it says rocks…DON’T BE BASIC!


So remember, don’t be basic because basic is boring.



YOU have a choice…

best balm for ratchet lips

Don’t be ratchet peeps.


Wait…What’s Market??

As many of you know, tomorrow through Monday I will be in Atlanta for the Americasmart January Gift Show. I have been sharing this on social media for a while now and a lot of people have been asking me, ” What is market?” and ” What do you do at market??”. Here is some info that explains:

Market is where people come to buy merchandise to sell in their stores. Basically I will have a both set up with my Honestly Margo products and people will purchase my products for their stores.

So we went to Dallas this past June for the gift show and we had such great success that we decided to go to the Atlanta Gift Show! Going into this endeavor, I had no idea how business worked. Now being in business, I have learned so much including where stores get their things to sell.

Pic of booth Dallas Market



Back to Blogging

Hey guys! I know it’s been FOREVA since I’ve blogged! I have been super duper busy with school and preparing for Atlanta Market which is next week (can’t wait to share with you guys how it goes!)

Now that the new year has begun, I want to make blogging a priority and get back on it. I hope you guys stick with me and continue with me on this crazy train and see where it takes us. :)

happy 2015





Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written to you, but this was pretty newsworthy, so here I am to share something SO exciting and SO yummy with you.


PRISSY with bubblegum


PRISSY is a wonderful yummy “pink” flavored bubblegum you’ll want to smack your lips!  But what is really cool about PRISSY is her story….

A special woman named Priscilla, who goes by “Prissy”, was diagnosed earlier this year with breast cancer.  She was the sweet lady who interviewed me last year for the Washington Post.




Being a mom of 3 young kids, it touched my heart.   Her husband created a GOFUNDME page to help with expenses that were foreseen to be ahead that insurance wouldn’t cover.  So immediately I said, “let’s make a difference!” So PRISSY was born.  We chose to launch it October 1, being that October is breast cancer awareness month.

For now, PRISSY will be an online exclusive, and a portion of the sales will go to her GOFUNDME account to help with her expenses.

The fact that my lip balms have a simple formula of only a few ingredients that are natural, I know that it’s nothing but good for our lips.  It’s ultra hydrating for those undergoing skin-drying treatments such as chemotherapy or any other therapies, or just for those of us who simply have dry lips.

Are you ready for some yummy bubblegum PRISSY?


Shop Now Honestly Margo PRISSY



Don’t forget to take a picture with your favorite Honestly Margo and share it on Instagram!


Honestly Margo blowing bubbles PRISSY





and the story continues…NEW VIDEO RELEASE

So it’s been about a year and a half since Honestly Margo was born. Now, Honestly Margo has grown more than I dreamed…AND I’m no longer 12.  As I approach 14, I wanted to show you a snapshot of my life and how my company is evolving.   So, we’ve created our second video.

Without further adieu, here’s my polished up website along with my NEW VIDEO!! (Click on the picture! It will lead you to the video!)


Honestly Margo Working Video #2


Hope you enjoy! :)



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