back to school beauty pouch must haves

Hey peeps! It’s almost time for school and I am prepping my locker emergency pouch. It’s important to have a bag or pouch filled with everything that can fix your everyday issues. Here is what is in my emergency pouch:

1. Honestly Margo Lip and Body Balm
When your lips are getting dry, you obviously need some yummy and moisturizing balm! And don’t forget Body Balm for those chapped patches like your knuckles.
2. Hair ties
For when you just need your hair out of your face and it’s bugging you.
3. Hand sanitizer
School has lots of germs so make sure you stay healthy!
4. Deodorant
When it’s hot outside its always good to have backup.
5. Gum/ mints
You want to make sure your breath is fresh and you don’t blow anyone away with bad breath.
6. Concealer and mascara
To touch up any blemishes and to re apply any mascara that has crumbled off during the day.
7. Mini hairbrush
Tangles? No prob. You got your hairbrush.
8. Headphones
I love to listen to music when I do my homework, so headphones are always a good idea.
9. Kleenex
If you have a runny nose this is important so you have soft tissues instead of those hard tissues that they put in classrooms.
Obviously you need a cute pouch to put all of this in. I love this Bando pouch. It’s the perfect size and it’s totes adorbs. I hope this was helpful to you!
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